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FAQ's on Food Colours
Know more about Food Colour's international legislations, applications
Food colours
Primary Food colour is water soluble colour, it dilute in water.

Lake colours
Lake colours is oil soluble colour, It is insluble in water and sissolve in oil products.
FD&C colours
FD&C colours are approfed by US FDA. And widely used in Food, Drug & in cosmetic products.
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1990. A team of dynamic, young entrepreneurs with identical ambitions formed a company. The chosen strategy was to first establish the company's image in the country, gain market confidence, and then, to cross over to international territories. The company was engaged in the manufacture of 1:4 Sulphophenyl-3-Carboxy-S- Pyrazolone (S.P.C.P), the integral part of the Food colour Tartrazine, Acid Dyes, Ramazol Dyes, etc.

But S.P.C.P. was never the sole target of Dynemic. It always had a goal of providing an entire range of qualitative and quantitative services to the Food colours Industry.
Thus, in 1997, the company commenced manufacture of Food colours. In very short period we achieved good position in market & and be the leading manufacturer & exporter of food colour in India. Today we enjoy good market share inspite of presence of some STRONG & SOUND GIANTS in this field.

Today, almost our entire production of Food colours is being exported to every continent of the world.

All the goals of the company could be converted to reality only because the Directors of Dynemic, headed by B. K. Patel (MD), and the Technical Director Mr. Ramesh Patel had the right qualification, and rich experience in running chemical plants.

Dynemic is now emerging as one of the most reliable sources of Food colours in the international market, in terms of quality and quantity. This worldwide acceptance has spurred the company into further growth.